Get clarity on your (next) business concept.

And move from idea to getting started.

You are talented and passionate. You are done playing by the rules.

You want to start or restart your business and grow as an entrepreneur.

You feel the need to build a genuine business, that reflects who you are and what you can do.

But is this holding you back:

→ Lack of a good business idea

too many, too little or no idea at all on how to use your talents and passions

→ Your mindset

fear, lack of inspiration and empowerment are holding you back

→ A plan to get started

no clarity on concept, audience, marketing strategy is keeping you from getting started

Let me help you build a business you love!

Be done with the doubt and the lack of clarity on what you want to do and how you could achieve the success you want.

All I want is for you to thrive in your business. Whether you are starting out as an entrepreneur or restarting because you need a change of direction, I help entrepreneurs like you:

♥ truly understand your unique talents and passions so you feel confident and empowered

♥ get clear on a business idea that will make you happy and excited

♥ get you started on your road to a successful business by creating a clear plan and help you overcome your doubts and fears


Success is not only about the amount of money you make, but about the impact you make and how you thrive and grow as a person as well.

You define success in your own terms.

Work with Maayke


In all my coaching I focus around these 3 steps:

♥ create your business concept (based on your talents, passions and skills create a concept your clients need and want to buy)

♥ entrepreneurial mindset (overcome what is holding you back and keeping you thinking small)

♥ getting started (creating a plan that works for you, marketing, branding, business, get into action)


1:1 personal coaching

Be bold and brave and deep dive into your possibilities. Discover the best business idea for you. Set up a plan that works. I will guide you all the way to success. Click here for more info

Quick deep dive

You have a specific dilemma you want to solve in a fast(er) yet profound manner. Dive in with two extended sessions where I will help you get clarity so you can move forward. Click here for more info.

Free resources

Get inspired by my guide to find your (next) business idea. Every now and then I have free masterclasses or other resources available. Check them out here.

She makes you dive deep into why and how you want and need to build your business while keeping it structured and fun at the same time.

Mirjam van der Zee

the Moonlady

If you want to know how to implement your heart and soul, work without struggle and work in flow. Then stop looking for your teacher; Maayke Mannaert is the one.

Annemarie van der Kooij