There is only one way in business: your own!

Building a business your own way.
Using your true powers: your talents, your skills, your passion, your mission.

A business that brings you money as well as joy and fulfilment.

Based on how it works best for you. 

Let me help you find the way. I help aspiring female entrepreneurs to create a business they love. From getting clarity on your business idea to implementation your own way.

I help aspiring female entrepreneurs to find the business that is aligned with their talents, skills, life’s desires, and values. 

From finding the best idea that will work for you to creating a personal plan and getting started.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding careers you can ever have. Freedom, flexibility, autonomy, to name a few things that come from setting your own rules.

But can also be difficult at times. You are invested in it, as a person. And you want the business to reflect you. To make you happy. Fulfilled. And make you money. Because otherwise, you might just as well return to your 9-5 job.

I call it True North. Finding your way home in your business. Like the pointer on a compass, guiding you all the way. 


You know you are

talented – passionate – strong – caring

You feel you have a mission to share.

But you feel stuck.

You hiding behind a life that is “good enough”.

Your work brings in money, but not the joy and fulfilment you are craving for.


And you ask yourself:

What do I truly want?

Where did I start to lose myself? And how do I find myself again?

What are my true talents, passion and skills? And how do I turn that into a business? Or even just a business idea?

Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Will a business bring me what I need: money but also freedom, flexibility, fulfilment?

I know what that feels like……..

My name is Maayke Mannaert and I know all about it.

For years I was hiding.

I was doing what I knew how to do, so I kept repeating jobs and projects.

Taking care of my daughter and family was my no 1 priority.

But in fact, it was my safe hiding place. Not owning up to my true talents and mission.

Till one day, I realised I was not only depriving myself of the “best version of me”, but also everyone around me, especially my family.

I stepped up and decided to create a business that brings me what I need: freedom, joy, fulfilment and of course money.

I decided to become a “self-navigator”

and find the life and business that works for me.

Understanding my talents, my passion and my mission, has meant such a difference. It is the bridge between working in a job that is “good enough” and building a business that not only brings money but also fulfilment and joy.

That is what I want for you too!

I can help you finding your own True North and build a business your own way in three steps:

– Discover your true powers. Get clarity on your real talents, where your passion lies, your mission. This will lead to great clarity the way you want to go.

– Create a business concept based on your true powers. Find the way you can turn it into a business, based on your unique blueprint.

– Giving you the tools you need to create a successful business, but help you to implement them in a way that is true to your unique way.

This is available through 1 on 1 coaching or in group coaching programs.

What if you would find your personal “North” that will guide you all along? Like a compass that will not fail you.

That would help you create the business that really works for you?

Find your true talents and use them in your business.

Bring your mission into the world without hesitation.

Create the business you want: that brings you freedom, fulfillment and joy.

And of course money.

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