Success is not only about the amount of money you make, but about the impact you make and how you thrive and grow as a person as well.

I offer intensive and personalized coaching to achieve success on your terms and in your own time.

When you are ready to take a leap but need someone to show you how and support you all the way.

1:1 coaching is the most powerful way to grow as an entrepreneur and build your business. In your own way. On your own terms. But with the understanding and insights into how marketing and business works.

To help you thrive as an entrepreneur in a genuine way.

Discover my coaching packages below

1-on-1 coaching


Three months working on your business with my help and inspiration. From idea to getting your business launched. This coaching is about what you need to get clarity and succeed.

You get six coaching calls (every two weeks). In between help via e-mail and messenger/voxing.

In a first session (up to 90 minutes)we discover your needs and decide on the next steps.

In the next four sessions (45 minutes) we will work towards your goals.

The last session (90 minutes) we will map out your steps to continue your journey


Total investment $ 875 (or two payments of $ 450).

Click here to book a free clarity call. No strings attached.


Quick & intense


You are ready to go, but you want specific help in one area. Quick and intensive coaching helps you get unstuck with three intense sessions within one month.

In the first session (up to 90 minutes)we discover your needs. Then we both prepare for our three hours intensive.

Within two weeks we have a second session of 3 hours to dive deep into your problem and come up with solutions and insights to help you move forward.

In the last session (max 90 minutes) we map out your next steps to continue your journey.


Total investment $ 875

Click here to book a free clarity call. No strings attached.


I work with Maayke for a while now, and I find her to be calm, structured, and a breeze of fresh air! She makes you dive deep into why and how you want and need to build your business, while keeping it structured and fun at the same time. Just when you think a question is exhausted, Maayke comes up with yet another layer. Which is awesome, and makes the foundation of your business very strong!

Mirjam van der Zee


I experimented different jobs and found out what I didn’t want, but I needed clarity on which business idea to go with. I loved the questions you asked me. That helped me understand myself better. I found out that no matter what business idea I choose to move on with, it’s important to be focused, consistent and creative.

You are authentic and your support is genuine. Also, you are very focused on the outcome. I strongly believe that you have a special gift of encouraging progress that’s backed up by years of research.

Alexandra P

Interior Designer

You are always so inspiring to me. I think you understand tough stuff and keep going with hope. You are reliable and wise.

Maite Ortega

Slow Social media

If you just want to know how to implement your heart and soul, work without struggle and work in flow. Then stop looking for your teacher; Maayke Mannaert is the one.

If you want something else, a business where you can put your heart and soul in. But is it not exactly clear what you want to do, or you have multiple things you love, she helps you get clarity. She helps you see what you can do. 

Mirjam van der Zee


Coaching results


* understand how you can create strong product or service concepts based on your talents and skills, that your clients will love to buy. And you love to create.

* create a marketing plan that feels authentic and genuine to attracting clients and customers with ease and flow (without feeling sleazy or pushy).

* get the entrepreneurial mindset to get you from being “self-employed” to being a “business owner”.

* create a personalized plan to start and grow

* experience freedom. I help you see the best business model for you, so you can easily combine business with your personal life.

* work with energy, flow and ease because you are working in your zone of genius.

* overcome your fears, for failure and for success and start making leaps towards your goals instead



What you will get:


* a highly personalized coaching plan to maximize your results

* open-minded, out of the box help and inspiration in a safe space

* support and true belief in what you have to offer to the world.

* 25 years business and marketing knowledge.

* my experience and views on life and personal growth to help you create the mindset to grow as an entrepreneur.

* my idea-crazy mind that will help you come up with new and fresh ideas



I only work with women that truly believe in creating a genuine business.

I don’t offer a quick and easy, one size fits all program. When we start working together, I am truly committed to helping you. To help you build and grow and create a business that makes you thrive. make a plan that helps you get clients and customers with ease and flow because it is tailored to your needs.

If you are committed too and want to make the change, then I would love to talk to you.

The results of the coaching are dependant on your efforts and willingness to apply. Results can vary according to market fluctuations, input, way of application and other factors and are not guaranteed.