When you are ready to take a leap but need someone to show you how and support you all the way.

1:1 coaching is the most powerful way to grow as an entrepreneur and build your business. In your own way. On your own terms. But with the understanding and insights into how marketing and business works.

To help you thrive as an entrepreneur in a genuine way.



One on one coaching will help you:


* understand how you can turn your unique talents and skills into products and services your clients will love to buy. And you love to create.

* create a marketing plan that feels authentic and genuine. Attracting clients and customers with ease and flow.

* experience freedom. I help you see the best business model for you, so you can easily combine business with your personal life.

* work with energy, flow and ease because you are working in your zone of genius.

* experience the power of your true calling and vision and how to make it come true.

* feel truly aligned in business with the person you are.



What you will get:


* bi-weekly, individual coaching calls for three months. Total of 6 calls, 1 hour each.

* in between unlimited e-mail access if you need feedback or support.

* your personal business blueprint that will help you move further.

* open-minded help and inspiration.

* support and true belief in what you have to offer to the world.

* my business and marketing knowledge.

* my in-depth views on life and personal growth.


Total investment in yourself: $ 1995


I only work with women that truly believe in creating a genuine business.

I don’t offer a quick and easy, one size fits all program. When we start working together, I am truly committed to helping you. To help you build and grow and create a business that makes you thrive. make a plan that helps you get clients and customers with ease and flow because it is tailored to your needs.

If you are committed too and want to make the change, then I would love to talk to you.

Book a free introductary call

and let’s find out if we have a click.

Click here to send me a mail with the following information:

– a short description of your current business (if you have one) and what you would like to work on. If you have are ready to share, describe some of your bigger visions and dreams.

– days and time slots that work well for you plus the timzone you are in.

I will get back to you asap with some options for a meeting by zoom or skype.