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For weeks I felt like being stuck.

I had all these goals. All these strategies and gameplans in place.

I knew exactly what I would have to do to make it work.

And I postponed everything. Twice.

I knew how it worked. What needed to be done. Or so they all said. When to do what. How to follow up. How many times to post, to mail, to put myself out there. What to offer. How to offer it.

And I didn´t do it. twice.

I was stuck. Completely at a standstill, it seemed. My mind racing on.

I need to do this now. I need to get started. I have to start or I will never make money and be broke soon. I know what I need to do, I have my strategy in place.

Just do it! I told myself. I would speak to myself sternly: you have to get into gear, start taking action, do what is needed in your business to make money.

And again, I wouldn’t. I would sit there, having my tea. Eating cookies. Or I would scroll endlessly on Facebook, pretending it was work. I was at a complete standstill. Or so it seemed.

But inside something was stirring. I had all these ideas. That I wanted to bring out into the world. Thoughts I wanted to share. To inspire. To empower. To help.

Then, one morning this question came up: are you here to serve your business or is your business there to serve you?

Huh? What a weird thought. But I immediately recognised the power of that question.

Was I serving my business or was my business serving me?

Were all the plans, the tactics, the strategies there to serve my higher purpose? To serve me getting my message across? Or was it all just designed to make my business move forward?

Was I putting my talents first? My bigger mission in life? And then creating a business around it to bring these talents and mission to life. To share it with those who would feel empowered and inspired by it. To help and serve my clients.

Or…… was my business demanding I would use other talents and skills and nothing else? Had it taken over priority? Form over content?

Once I realised what was happening, things started shifting. Each morning I had woken up to the question: what do I need to do for my business today?

Instead, I started asking myself: how can I serve my clients today? How can I serve my mission today?

And yes, that still involves having to take care of my business. It still involves thinking about how to get my message across. How to reach out. It still involves understanding business tactics and strategies. But they are not leading me. I adjust them, I twist them around and throw them away if needed. I take care of my business, but only so that it can serve me and my goals. Not so I can serve my business.