I truly believe we all should own our talents, our greatness, our experience (both professional and personal) and stand for ourselves and what we believe in. So that we can thrive in our unique way.

Confession time: it feels uneasy to do it. I know my worth, my talents, my skills, what makes me unique. But truly owning it… speaking it out loud….. it feels uneasy and I here the voices: you are not that good, I can think of many things you fail at…. Sounds familiar?

Let me tell you this: success is about owning all of you, most of all all the greatness you have to offer!

So own up to it, say it out loud (even if only to yourself) and let’s start shining as the wonderful persons we are. I’ll go first, so you can follow my lead,

Hi, I am Maayke Mannaert, coach to the brave and bold women that want to step up as an entrepreneur. I thrive on making others thrive: let you see and believe in (!) your potential and all that you can achieve. And help you create it. 

My mind is always brimming with ideas because I connect dots that others don’t (the blessing and curse of being both creative and analytical). I can be a huge overthinker, yet when I am sure, I move fast.

Oh, and I am an awesome mom and I have beautiful green eyes.

My daughter Zoë is my true inspiration. She is 16 now, so not the cute little girl in this picture anymore. Wise and strong, despite her chronic fatique (CFS). And still cute, btw.

Like all moms, I want her to grow up to be a confident individual who knows what she is worth. So far, so good, I can say. And I take pride in having contributed to the wonderful girl she is now and the great woman she is going to be.


This cutie is our puppy named Pebbles.

I vowed I would never have another dog and here we are…….

This is after she trashed my office, taking out everything she could find at eye-level (which, fortunately, is not very high, so most of my stuff was safe).

Twenty years ago (yes, that long) I quit my job to get more freedom and work on my own terms. I had just handed in my notice and I felt so free. Though scared, I knew I would be ok.

A few days later I saw this statue. It embodied all of how I felt and I knew I had to have it. Not the smartest choice, considering I was saying goodbye to a steady income and had only one project lined up. It was my leap of faith, I bought the statue. It has been on my desk ever since, reminding me to follow my heart and my gut feeling.

For over two years I lived in Kuala Lumpur. I moved there as an expat-wife yet found a great job at the Netherlands Embassy. Lots of great adventures. Here I am with a police escort visiting the Klang harbour to help a Dutch company.

I was not cut out to live in the tropics. Nor to be an expat wife. I took the opportunity to run away from things I didn’t like in my life and learned my lesson: it’s better to run towards something, then to run away from something else.

When I moved back home I had to start all over again: my daughter was chronically ill, my marriage hadn’t survived and I had no job or business.  With ups and downs, I made it through.

Apart from being an entrepreneur and business coach, I am also a wedding officiant. I love telling the stories of “my couples” to celebrate their love on their special day in a warm, caring yet fun way.

Some stories are fun and easy. Some are also filled with adversity like sickness, no support from family or unemployment. But that is part of love and life too and it made their love even stronger.

My BIO: Masters in Business Economics & Marketing. Worked at Wolters Kluwer (international publishing), KRO (Dutch nationwide TV network), Netherlands Embassy Kuala Lumpur (head of Trade Dept), marketing & research consultancies (manager & consultant). 

Fifteen plus years self-employed as marketing & research consultant, business coach and marketing teacher.

Owned a webshop and created a magazine.