Multipassionate, queen of ideas, best mom (according to my daughter 😉), independent, non-judgemental, self-navigator, friend, sister and daughter.

I am an entrepreneur and coach at heart. I deliberately created a business that makes it possible to take care of my daughter, who suffers from a chronic illness and myself.

I am your cheerleader to do the same: own up to your talents and passion and turn it into a business that brings you freedom, joy and fulfilment as well as money.

“Maayke is strong, wise and passionate with a sunny smile”.


I come from a family of entrepreneurs (from my mother’s side) and teachers (from my fathers side) mixed in a with a bit creative and artistic influence (from all sides and my stepfather).

This mix made it hard for me to make a choice. I wanted to be a doctor first. Then an architect. An industrial designer. I finally decided on getting my masters in Business Economics with a major in Marketing.

After graduation I had one big dream: starting my own business. But I didn’t know what I wanted and when I had an idea, I didn’t believe I could make it work. So I worked corporate jobs for a couple of years, waiting for that one great idea that would catapult me into entrepreneurship. The idea didn’t come and I got literally sick working the 9-5’s.

Working freelance was the solution: I leveraged my talents, experience and knowledge and started doing market research projects. Then marketing projects. Teaching projects. Quality audits. Coaching projects ad more. But I kept doing what I had done before. And though it was good enough, it was not fulfilling. I was in hiding and the more I hid in my professional life, the more I started to hide myself in my personal life too. And ended up with a chronic auto-immune disease and couldn’t work for three years.

When I had recovered (though I will always be on medication and always have to manage my energy well), my then husband was offered a job in Kuala Lumpur. It seemed like a good idea: move away, new input, start over. I moved with my family and our dog and became an expat wife. What a journey my life has been since then.

I have lots of good memories about my time in KL. I met wonderful people. I learned about different cultures. I drove on the left-hand side of the road. I learned to find my way in a huge city and big shopping malls. I coped (not so bravely) with the heat. Found a great job at the embassy that brought me so many good things. All in all, it has been a very inspiring and enriching experience.

But being away from home, made me realise I had lost myself over the years. That in a very gradual process, I had made others more important than myself. That I had given up on my ambition. That I wasn’t owning up to myself: my dreams, my talents. But that the fire was still there, smouldering.

I moved away and came back, in more than one way.

I found myself again and with finding myself I found my way in business.