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True Powers

On your way to build a business with ease and flow.


Find your true talents & passions

Understand your unique qualities


Create a personal business blueprint to start a business that is genuine and true

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You have dreams and ambitions for your own business.

Building it with ease and flow. On your own terms. Using your own talents and passions.

But you are not completely sure on where to go with all the plans, ideas and possibilities.

You want more clarity on your direction.

More insight on how you can use your best talents in your business.

You need a better understanding on what you truly love to do.

And how you can connect all this and create a business that is genuine and real. To you and to the customers you want to serve.


After a few intense years of having to put my business on the backburner, I wanted to step it up and start building my business again. But I had no idea and needed clarity.

All I knew was that life had changed and I had changed. I felt a genuine desire to build something that was true to me. A business that was not only based on bringing in money but  on providing value to others and to myself.

The only problem was: I had such a hard time finding something that really made me happy!

I had a couple of ideas, but I wasn’t sure if that was truly what I wanted. I felt that there were pieces of the puzzle missing. There was always doubt: this is not what I truly want, I am not good enough (yet) to do this, why would people be interested, how am I going to turn this passion into a business?

While I had 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, have lots of experience in marketing and business, I just couldn’t find it. When I reached out to find a business coach or a program, they weren’t really able to help me. because all of their programs were based on having an idea. They could help me sharpen my idea, create a concept. But I needed to know if the idea I was thinking of was true for me.

It took me a year of struggle. Creating my own “assignments” to figure it out. I followed other programs to find some support. And I made it. I discovered what talents truly matter to me. What I am really passionate about and what I need in my work that fills my heart and creates flow and ease.

With all my personal and business expertise, I now help others to build a business that is genuine and true. That feels right. For you! So it brings ease and flow. The days of doing business the hard way, are over. Let me help you to achieve the same.


True Powers is an 6 week group coaching program with lots of personal attention where you will discover your personal business blueprint: based on your own skills, talents, needs, personality and mission.

It’s time to own up and do things your way.

This is what True Powers is about:

Your talents

Understand your true talents. They are your true gifts. To yourself and to your clients.  

Your Why

Wy are you doing what you are doing. let your bigger mission be your guide in business and life. 

Your passions

You might like a lot of things, but what is it that truly makes you happy. And how can you use those passions in your business.


Your story

Everyone has a story (even more) and that is your power. Stories give you insight in your true powers and are the basis for communication.

Your concepts

What business concepts will work for you? Find out about how you want to work and with/for whom.

Your uniqueness

Don’t be like all the others, don’t copy and paste. own up to your unique qualities and traits that will create a business that is genuine and true. Secret: that is what brings success!

True Powers is an 6-week coaching program offering you:

* 6 modules subdivided into two to four lessons each. Each lesson contains a powerful assignment to understand and own up to your special powers.

* weekly Q&A’s  to help and inspire you on this journey. You can ask me if you are stuck, unsure or need help otherwise and I will help you move along.

* 2 live group coaching calls where you can ask your questions and get my personal coaching.

* a personalized business blueprint sheet. This is a powerful document based on everything you learned that will help you make decisions that will work best for you.

This is for you when:

– you want to  start a business but don’t have a clear business idea

– you already have an idea but are still in doubt

– you are in business, but feel the need to change direction

– you are ready to own up to your possibilities

– are ready to find your own way of doing business


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